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La-ping ($5.95)

Chilled mung bean jelly noodle – garlic vinaigrette and house spicy sauce.

Tibetan Satay ($6.95)

Grilled seasoned Beef or Chicken on skewers.

Sha Palay ($5.00)

Tasty fried traditional Tibetan beef patty.

Gyuma – Half Plate ($6.95) Full Plate ($13.95)

Home made Tibetan sausage filled with beef chunks, seasoned with fragrant
blend of fresh herbs.

Noodle Salad ($5.50)

Home made Tibetan sausage filled with beef chunks, seasoned with fragrant
blend of fresh herbs.

Momo (8pc)

Served with Beef Broth and House Spicy Sauce
Momo – Chicken ($13.50) Beef ($13.95) Veg. ($12.95) Potato ($12.95)

Hand made Traditional Tibetan dumplings – hand picked and chopped lean meat – steamed or fried.

Momo Khotrak ($13.95)

Crispy pan fried dumpling. Beef, Chicken, or Veg.

Momo Combo (9 pc) ($14.95)

Steamed, Khotrak or Fried.  Beef, Chicken, or Veg.

MoThuk ($13.95)

Home made beef dumpling serve in rich beef broth and seasonal greens.

Main Entree

Served with Steamed Rice
Shatrak ($13.95)

Tibetan sauté of beef – garlic, ginger, onion, bokchoy and bell peppers.

Chili Chicken ($12.95)

Spicy marinated chicken prepared with bell peppers.

Pingsha ($13.95)

Clear sweet potato noodles with baby potatoes, black mushroom, bokchoy and beef chunks.

Tibetan Style Curry – Beef ($13.95) Bone-in Mutton ($15.95) Chicken ($12.95)

Marinated meat slow cooked in curry sauce with onion and tomato.

Crispy Pork Ribs ($13.95)

Fried Marinated pork ribs with spices.

Phaktsee ($14.95)

Pork Bacon stir-fried with green garlic and cilantro. (Famous dish of ShangriLa).

Whole Fish (Branzino) ($19.95)

Fried whole fish with home made special sauce.

Beef with Peppers ($12.95)

Thin sliced beef stir-fried with green peppers.

Beef with Garlic Chive ($13.95)

Thin sliced beef stir fried with garlic chive. (Seasonal)

Beef Salad ($13.95)

Thin sliced beef tender boiled in aromatic spices and served cold with cucumber and house spicy sauce.

Beef Bok Choy ($12.95)

Stir Fried beef with Bok Choy, Garlic, and Ginger.

Fried Rice ($8.95)

Wok fried rice with beef or chicken with egg, fresh vegetables and garlic butter sauce.

Side Dishes

Ting Mo ($2.50)

Tibetan steamed bun.

White Rice ($2.00)


Tsamthuk ($4.95)

Soup of the Tibetan nomad with homemade Tsampa (roasted ground organic
barleys) radish, carrot, sprinkled with cheese and spinach.

Miso Soup ($3.00)

Country style with tofu, seaweed, and scallion.

Lentil Soup ($4.00)

An authentic Tibetan lentil soup flavored with fresh herbs.


Chow Mein – Beef or Chicken ($12.95) Veg. ($11.95)

Stir-fried freshly sautéed egg noodles and mixed fresh seasonal vegetables.

Thenthuk – Beef or Chicken ($13.95) Veg. ($12.95)

Classic Tibetan Soup – hand-pulled traditional flat noodles with fresh vegetables.

ThukNgo – Beef or Chicken ($12.95) Veg. ($11.95)

Stir-fried Vermicelli noodles in house special sweet and sour sauce with egg
and bean sprout.

Vegetable Dishes

Served with Steamed Rice
Vegetable Beef Shatrak ($12.95)

Stir fried soy beef with vegetable in our house special shatrak sauce.

Vegetable Chili Chicken ($12.95)

Stir Fried soy chicken with peppers in our house special chili sauce.

Shoko Sisi ($10.95)

Shredded Potato stir fried with scallion and garlic.

Gha ($11.95)

Shangri la Style Stir fried eggplant with garlic sauce.

Dried Tofu ($11.95)

With fungus and green vegetables.

Bokchoy ($11.95)

Baby Bok Choy stir-fried with Garlic sauce.

Tofu Khatsa ($10.95)

Spicy tofu with cilantro and greens.

Shoko Khatsa ($10.95)

Stir fried potatoes with spicy chili powder.

String Bean ($10.95)

String bean sautéed with garlic sauce.


Butter Tea ($2.00)

Traditional Tibetan buttery salted milk tea. (Served Hot)

Flavored Lemonade ($3.95)

Strawberry or Mango

Soda, Bottled Water, Iced Tea, Coffee ($2.00)


House Special Dessert ($6.95)

Vanilla ice cream with nugets of buttery Tsampa (Roasted ground
organic barley flour) cake.

Banana Tempura ($5.95)

With your choice of ice cream.

Ice Cream ($3.50)

Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry.

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