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  • Awesome new restaurant! We had the fried chicken dumplings and beef curry split for two. Both dishes were delicious and the server was very nice. I’m definitely going back.

    Phillip Booth
  • Incredible food! I got the chicken satay skewers for an app, and the potato momo dumplings. Not a single thing I would change. The wait time was reasonable, and it was fairly busy for a Sunday night. The service was very quick, and very friendly. This is a new staple!

    Claire Paddock
  • Beef curry was flavorful but not overpowering. Fried dumplings with their special sauce was on point. Will absolutely return to try the rest of the menu options.

    Erika P
  • Loved the Tibetan varieties of food. We tried the chicken momos steamed and fried which were good, we requested the spicy sauce. The mutton curry was delicious, the combo of curry and buns were pretty good.

    Neviya Prakash
  • The food is delicious, the server was very kind and helpful and the atmosphere is very warm and inviting. I never had Tibetan cuisine before, so this was a wonderful experience! Very hearty meals and everything is reasonably priced!

    Tori G.
  • What an astounding place. Honestly could not tell you what Tibetan food would be, but I can now say that it is superb. The staff was friendly and helpful. The menu had some nice pictures to help decide what to get since not many know what Tibetan food is! Would highly recommend!

    Troy Healey
  • This place is fantastic- friendly staff, great food, nice atmosphere. I’ve tried several dishes and loved them all, but tonight I had the dried tofu from their veggie section and it. was. amazing. If you’re into texture, order that dish. Also, butter tea has changed my life for the better.

    Cat Frazier